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Spraining News

13/09/2009 1 comment

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Unfortunately enough, it seems my wrist was enough to cut me from the hockey team – not that they really had a choice as they could hardly evaluate me if I wasn’t able to do all the drills. For example, I couldn’t shoot the puck at all (forehand or backhand). I also aggravated the injury a third of the way through Wednesday night’s ice session covering the rebound after a rather nice (I thought) save on a breakaway during a drill, so I wasn’t able to finish the session. Stef, the goaltender coach, let me know I was cut after that session.

As for the tryouts themselves, I thought they went pretty well, despite the fact that I wasn’t 100% healthy. I didn’t feel outpaced or that I was in over my helmet, so to speak. My glove hand was much slower than normal because I couldn’t “snap” it around as I normally can, even with my wrist taped.

One thing that was a little unusual was the crease on the rink – I was always in farther than I normally am and I couldn’t figure out why. I think the crease here is painted bigger than the ones in North Van; it must include the blue rim as well.

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I Need Some Ligaments!

08/09/2009 Leave a comment

Fitness testing was alright. I was never last, but I know I should have done better on everything. There were six stations: sit-and-reach, height and weight, bench press, triple jump, 30-yard dash, and a T-shuffle. Afterwards we went outside for a 3K run.

Sit-and-reach is exactly what it sounds like – you sit with your legs straight in front of you and reach as far past your toes as you can. I think mine was 48cm or so…not bad, but not exceptional. I should have done more yoga, I guess!

Height and weight is pretty obvious (fyi I weighed in at 158lbs, 5’8″ or so. I lost 12lbs over the summer – yikes!), so I’ll move to the next one.  The weight for the bench test was only 150lbs, which I found surprising. I had thought it would be closer to 200lbs or even 225lbs. Luckily enough for me it wasn’t; I only got out 8 reps. As a general rule, I don’t do bench press because pushup variants are much more useful in terms of practical strength, activation of muscle groups, coordination, etc. (I do mine with my feet on a Swiss ball and/or my hands on a balance board) but I think I may need to start. Dumbbells are always better than dumber-bells (barbells), so I’ll try that sometime.

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