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Breaking News: Hostages of the Tea Party Take US Government, World Hostage

07/10/2013 Leave a comment

First headline on my FT feed this morning: “Republicans defiant over shutdown” – Boehner says HoR Republicans will not stop shutdown or lift debt ceiling unless Obama negotiates on Obamacare (hint: he won’t).

Second headline: “Global economy ‘back on track,’ finds Tiger Index”

So, in short, here’s what we’re looking at: Tea Party takes GOP hostage through America’s broken primary system. GOP takes US federal government hostage through being the single most intransigent group in Congress since, well, forever. Their main bargaining chip – a default on America’s sovereign debt – would have an international impact on financial and real markets and crush whatever recovery has been achieved.

We’re finally getting our economies back together and the Tea Party is holding the world hostage. Political assassination rarely seems this justified.