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The Gay Marriage “Debate”

17/04/2010 2 comments

I’ve thought for a good long while (read: as soon as I heard about the “debate”) that the answer was pretty obvious. First, what right does the government have to tell two consenting adults what they can or can’t do in the bedroom? Second, if two homosexual adults decide they would be much happier if they were married, what right does the government have to tell them “No, we think you wouldn’t be, so you can’t.”? To the extent of my knowledge, these are the arguments against gay marriage – often presented in a more sophisticated form, but these are the bones of said arguments:

  • If we let gays marry, there would be a fundamental breakdown of society. People would stop having kids because they’d be too busy screwing their own sex to procreate.

Because obviously, if we legalized marriage, there would be an epidemic of homosexuality. Joe the Plumber and Johnny Canuck the Lumberjack would marry and start getting it on. The only reason they’re straight is because they can’t marry other men.

From what I’ve read, people who identify as homosexual make up between one and two percent of the population of Canada; averages in other Western countries are similar. Who people can marry has no impact on how they identify in terms of sexuality.

  • Marriage is a religious institution, and by the holy texts of most religions, it can only involve one man and one woman.

Wrong – marriage is only sometimes a religious institution. You can be married by a Justice of the Peace; no holy figure necessary! Whether a faith will marry same-sex couples is up to it.

This one takes the cake – the same argument, in secular form.

  • The definition of marriage is one man and one woman. Therefore, no same-sex marriage.

No big deal – we’ll just call the editors of the dictionary.

A ridiculous debate, IMO. The only reason there is a debate is because religious people have conflated the notions of religion and marriage. Marriage can be a secular institution, too. There is no good argument against gay marriage. Period. End of story.




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