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Back at it!

06/09/2012 Leave a comment

Wow, it’s been 10 months since I tossed a post up. How time flies.

Speaking of posts, the VFFs I mentioned in my last post still look almost-new. Even after subjecting them to this. Love those things.

So what’s new? Well, I’m back at school in Montréal. Almost have my classes sorted out; it’s been registration hell thanks to a needless hold and some general Minerva stupidity. I’m so glad to see things haven’t changed since my run-in with it last time.

Another sidenote: that 400-level labour economics course I was forced to register into last time? In it again. Joy. No really, I’m ecstatic.

I took this last year off, in part due to that Minerva SNAFU I mentioned above, and spent it working in Vancouver. Most of my time was spent working at the Café for Contemporary Art, in North Vancouver, and at the Keefer, Vancouver’s premier cocktail bar. I learned a lot and had oodles of fun. Also spent a lot of money eating and drinking, which goes with the territory of working in restaurants and bars >.> Now spending much of my thoughts on maligning Montréal’s poor bourbon selection and the trouble to which one has to go to get a bottle of bitters, even the ubiquitous (but still awesome) Angostura.

In other news, my pelvis is still seriously messed up, surprise surprise. I was literally glowing when I stepped onto the plane in Vancouver – several X-rays, a bone scan, an ultrasound, and a 2.5-hour MRI marathon will do that to you. On the positive side, I might finally find out what’s going on down there!

I’ve also gotten really into working out with kettlebells recently. In case you’re not familiar with them, they kind of look like a cannonball with a handle. It’s coming along very well, with the exception of a nasty little rip on my left hand. Currently swinging, cleaning and pressing, and get-upping with a 45lb and will be moving to the 50lb. soon. McGill’s gym will be needing larger kettlebells  🙂 I’ve named the 40lb I have at home Betsy, and the 40lb here Princess Donna (a sadistic-sounding name, no? Fitting, as she did rip a chunk of my skin out). Now taking petitions for other names.

That’s about all I’ve got for now. Don’t worry, the next post will come along much more quickly than this one!




Skull and cross-….portafilters?

13/11/2010 Leave a comment

Best. Poster. Ever.



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“Cheap and Accessible”

06/09/2010 1 comment

Here comes a rant…

One of the many purported virtues of Canada is our “cheap and accessible” post-secondary education system, especially when compared with the United States’ obscene tuition costs. To those who promote Canada as a nation of accessible education, I will concede that our tuition is much lower. Many of my friends here in Montréal are here because even as an international student, education is cheaper here than in the US. Yes, it’s cheaper here. Is it good enough? No.

Tuition fees, however, are another rant entirely. This one is about textbooks, and the McGill bookstore.

This semester alone, I will be spending close to $800 on books alone. Hardly bang for your buck – cheap and accessible my ass.

Last semester, I paid $100 for a textbook that was about 1/2″ thick, and that wasn’t even at the campus bookstore. Had it been, I’m sure I would have paid more. This is why monopolies suck.

Where the hell does McGill get off, gouging its students so badly on books? Last I checked, universities are not profit-making institutions.

It has been pointed out that perhaps publishers, and not campus bookstores are to blame. In that case, we need to start putting some serious pressure on book publishers to be less ridiculous with their prices.

Bottom line: if we are going to claim to have cheap and accessible education, let’s make sure that it is actually cheap and accessible.



Last Days

21/08/2010 Leave a comment

So tomorrow (Sunday) is my last shift at cafca. Pop by, tell my how much you’ll miss me, and I might be tempted to give you something free. I’m on from 8 till 2.


Wacky Wednesday, Episode 2

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And after:

The only downside is that the fringe part of it is the perfect length to get into my eyes when I’m playing ping-pong…



I’m Back!

20/01/2010 Leave a comment

Well, the break is over and I’m back in Montréal (have been since the 2nd, if fact). Settling back into classes has been tough as, counting exams and reading week along with the break, I’ve been out of school for over 5 weeks. Getting up in the morning is starting to get a little easier; doing readings decidedly isn’t. Speaking of that, my copy of “A Brief History of Chinese Civilization” is calling to me…



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Café Veritas

21/12/2009 1 comment

A while back I took a trip out to Café Veritas, a shop on St. Laurent close to Vieux-Port. I had heard (among other things) that it a) has a Synesso, and b) has the best espresso in Montréal. Needless to say, being a coffee geek and having been brought up on a Synesso, I had to go. Read more…