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21/03/2010 Leave a comment

Some recent developments:

  • BMH had their Caribbean night on Thursday – calypso music, roti, and punch included. An awesome change from the usual.
  • I’ll be seeing Xavier Rudd in Vancouver in June…so excited!
  • McGill Improv will be performing at the Carleton Improv Summit on the 27th. Road trip!

And lastly, I’m almost finished The Shock Doctrine. It’s a fantastic book, and you need to read it. It’s been called the most important book on economics in the 21st century – high (and deserved) praise, considering the century is only 10 years old.

In fact, if you read it and it doesn’t worry you, you should probably have your head checked. Scary stuff, but education is the only way to stop disaster capitalism. A little sample:

“Israel’s laws and practices in the OPT [occupied Palestinian territories] certainly resemble aspects of apartheid,” said John Dugard, the South African lawyer who is the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, in February 2007. The similarities are stark, but there are differences too. South Africa’s Bantustans were essentially work camps… What Israel has constructed is a system designed to do the opposite: to keep workers from working, a network of open holding pens for millions of people who have been categorized as surplus humanity.

…This discarding of 25 to 60 percent of the population has been the hallmark of the Chicago School crusade since the “misery villages” began mushrooming throughout the Southern Cone in the seventies. In South Africa, Russia, and New Orleans the rich build walls around themselves. Israel has taken this disposal process a step further: it has built walls around the dangerous poor. (The Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein 532)

I’ve posted once or twice on this before, and it may sound like I’m plugging this mercilessly (I suppose I am), but this is really important. Unless we get our heads screwed on straight, we are going to be royally screwed.



PS – I’m not picking on Israel, it was just the page I opened to.



07/12/2009 Leave a comment

Hey guys! I know I’ve been a little long posting this, but I had papers and imminent exams.

So anyways…on the 24th of November, Gardner Hall had an awesome, sick, rad-tastic coffeehouse!
Basically, a coffeehouse is essentially a talent show with coffee. But, being Gardner, we had to go further than *just* coffee Read more…