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Go Canucks!

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Official Canucks trad-cap. ‘Nuff said. Bring home the cup, boys!




Last Day Away…

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For the past two weeks I’ve been instructing at Gold In the Net, an ice hockey goaltending school. The first week was in Summerland, and now I’m in Abbotsford. It’s been a lot of fun, and all the people I’ve worked with have been awesome. We’ve got a crazy Finnish ex-sniper, a grizzly bear sporting a handlebar moustache, a gamer, a surfer bum, a recently declared nudist, and me. What a mix, eh?

People always say that working with kids tires you out big time, and I never understood this till now. The first week I had 10-13 year olds, and this week I’ve dealt with the full mix, from 7 all the way on up to 16…. It’s almost lunchtime on the last day and I’m exhausted. Sheesh. It didn’t help that the AC didn’t affect my half of the hotel room at all, making it impossible to sleep. I think that probably contributed.

Anyway, the last ice today ends at 2:45, then we pack up and make like a tree. I can’t wait to get home!



Spraining News

13/09/2009 1 comment

Photo 4
Unfortunately enough, it seems my wrist was enough to cut me from the hockey team – not that they really had a choice as they could hardly evaluate me if I wasn’t able to do all the drills. For example, I couldn’t shoot the puck at all (forehand or backhand). I also aggravated the injury a third of the way through Wednesday night’s ice session covering the rebound after a rather nice (I thought) save on a breakaway during a drill, so I wasn’t able to finish the session. Stef, the goaltender coach, let me know I was cut after that session.

As for the tryouts themselves, I thought they went pretty well, despite the fact that I wasn’t 100% healthy. I didn’t feel outpaced or that I was in over my helmet, so to speak. My glove hand was much slower than normal because I couldn’t “snap” it around as I normally can, even with my wrist taped.

One thing that was a little unusual was the crease on the rink – I was always in farther than I normally am and I couldn’t figure out why. I think the crease here is painted bigger than the ones in North Van; it must include the blue rim as well.

Two things I need to work on Read more…

I Need Some Ligaments!

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Fitness testing was alright. I was never last, but I know I should have done better on everything. There were six stations: sit-and-reach, height and weight, bench press, triple jump, 30-yard dash, and a T-shuffle. Afterwards we went outside for a 3K run.

Sit-and-reach is exactly what it sounds like – you sit with your legs straight in front of you and reach as far past your toes as you can. I think mine was 48cm or so…not bad, but not exceptional. I should have done more yoga, I guess!

Height and weight is pretty obvious (fyi I weighed in at 158lbs, 5’8″ or so. I lost 12lbs over the summer – yikes!), so I’ll move to the next one.  The weight for the bench test was only 150lbs, which I found surprising. I had thought it would be closer to 200lbs or even 225lbs. Luckily enough for me it wasn’t; I only got out 8 reps. As a general rule, I don’t do bench press because pushup variants are much more useful in terms of practical strength, activation of muscle groups, coordination, etc. (I do mine with my feet on a Swiss ball and/or my hands on a balance board) but I think I may need to start. Dumbbells are always better than dumber-bells (barbells), so I’ll try that sometime.

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Hello, big bad intraweb. Nice to meet you.

As for the rest of you, welcome to the inaugural posting on The Musings of a Gingerkid (aka muag)! I suppose I should introduce myself…my name is Tim and I was born and raised in North Vancouver, B.C.

I’m a half-Aussie, quarter-Brit (the remainder is Canadian) that loves coffee, politics, music, laughter, people, and life in general. I graduated this year from Handsworth Secondary and I’ll be off to McGill (Montréal) in the fall. My lofty goals for my time there in my first year include: varsity hockey (the McGill Redmen) ,and a job at one of the premier cafés in Montréal, Café Myriade. Of course, if I do end up playing varsity hockey then I will very likely not have time for a job, but I hope to be able to put in a few shifts there at some point. Read more…