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Yay mono!

11/02/2014 Leave a comment

I had an incredibly sore throat last Friday so I went to the student clinic here at McGill – turns out I have mono! (glandular fever for the folks in Auz)

Needless to say, I’m not terribly excited. It hasn’t gotten too bad so far – just a really sore throat and some fatigue – but since the doctor told me it will likely get worse before it gets better, I have this sense of impending doom hovering over me. Trying to stay very strictly paleo for the next couple of weeks in the hopes that I can get off easy on this one.

Not sure what this will mean for posting here… On one hand, I’ll be home all the time. On the other, I’ll probably be sleeping for most of that. Guess we’ll find out!




Paleo – The Way to Go. IMHO.

16/02/2011 7 comments

paleo- : combining form. Older or ancient, esp. relating to the geological past : Paleolithic | paleomagnetism.
ORIGIN from Greek palaios ‘ancient.’

The way I’ve been eating for approximately the last three months is called the paleo diet, or the Primal Blueprint (Sisson, see below), or the hunter-gatherer diet, or the Stone Age diet, or a multitude of other names.

It’s based on two ideas: a) over the course of more than 2 million years of eating a diet solely consisting of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and all parts of animals of all kinds, the human digestive system genetically evolved to process these food groups in an optimal fashion, and b) the “neolithic” foods, such as grains, legumes, added sugar, etc. have only been around since the Agricultural Revolution at the earliest – 10,000 years ago – and thus our digestive systems are not evolved to deal with these food groups.

In short, many foods that now make up much of the standard Western/North American diet are actually poisonous to us Read more…