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Conservative Senators Kill Climate Change Bill

17/11/2010 Leave a comment

Not too surprising, really, considering that the federal Conservatives are bed-buddies with climate change skeptics.

What I’m really surprised by is the fact that it was the absence of 15 Liberal Senators that allowed this. Mr. Ignatieff, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING? What could possibly have been going through your head? That was a moronic move of epic proportions.

Conservative senators kills climate change bill – Need to know –




Canadian Copyright Reform

15/05/2010 1 comment

Make sure the government listens to Canadians about copyright legislation! This will affect all of us if the government gets their way.


Don’t Allow Your Voice To Be Silenced In The Copyright Debate


In the summer of 2009 the Government of Canada held public consultations on copyright and Canadians engaged in these consultations at unprecedented levels demanding a balance between consumer rights and creator rights. According to Michael Geist, recent developments indicate that these extensive consultations were “little more than theatre”. A very disheartening development indeed.

Indications are that the PMO has had to step in and make a decision on the direction of copyright reform in Canada because the Minister of Canadian Heritage, James Moore and the Minister of Industry, Tony Clement could not come to a consensus. A consensus should have been an achievable outcome given the input gathered during the consultation process. It is further reported that the PMO has instead given the green light on moving forward with anti-consumer copyright legislation within the next 5 weeks, a Canadian DMCA.

Your MP needs to know where you stand on the issue regardless of your views and even if you have already told them before. A physical letter or email message to your MP, the Prime Minister, James Moore, Tony Clement and Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is what is needed right now. Also remember to join the Facebook group and the Facebook page and be sure to ask others do the same.

The Canadian Coalition for Electronic Rights has updated its online letter writing wizard in light of recent developments in the Canadian copyright reform front. This update is intended to address the Government’s seeming willingness to ignore the voices of thousands of Canadians and proceed with the introduction of anti-consumer copyright reform legislation. Legislation that goes in a polar opposite direction of what Canadians demanded during the consultation process.


Hold the Line

28/04/2010 Leave a comment

I’m going to start this post with a cheesy quote from a favourite TV show of mine.

Hold the line until the light,
Hold the line against the night.

-“The March of the High Guard”, from the show Andromeda

I will also say that I am a pacifist.

Within the context of this post, I interpret the quote as a call to “hold the line” against those who would strip people of their basic rights and freedoms. Freedoms and rights that we take for granted, like the right to an education (however reluctantly we accept it), or freedom of religion, or the right to a fair trial. It’s a call to fight for those freedoms until they are realized, and fight for those freedoms when they are threatened.

Specifically, I’m talking about Afghanistan. Simply put, we aren’t done there yet, and I believe the imminent recall of troops on active combat duty will prove disastrous for this war.

Perhaps I should qualify my previous statement – I’m a pacifist, but I also try to be practical in my beliefs. If we talked our problems out like rational creatures and lowered all our horrific ordinance for just a little bit, that would be a better world.

Unfortunately, violence is a useful tool. Some would rather take by force than compromise and negotiate. And on a world populated by human beings, an army is a necessity. Read more…