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Bridgehead Café – 282 Elgin St., Ottawa

30/08/2010 Leave a comment

So here’s a review I wrote waayyy back when I was visiting Ottawa to see a friend and perform at an improv summit. Good times all around, and especially at Bridgehead!

The café itself felt chainy and a touch corporate – mind you, there are 11 Bridgeheads located throughout Ottawa, so that is easily forgiven. The decor was slightly reminiscent of Starbucks…only way better and less cluttered. Also, no stands set up throughout the store trying to sell you useless coffee gadgets or awful coffee. I loved that part! Lots of windows, brightly it, a full display fridge, good baristi, and free wireless. I’m a fan. Read more…



07/12/2009 Leave a comment

Hey guys! I know I’ve been a little long posting this, but I had papers and imminent exams.

So anyways…on the 24th of November, Gardner Hall had an awesome, sick, rad-tastic coffeehouse!
Basically, a coffeehouse is essentially a talent show with coffee. But, being Gardner, we had to go further than *just* coffee Read more…

I Left on a Jet Plane

04/09/2009 Leave a comment

On Thursday at 4:30 I said “au revoir” to Vancouver, took a deep breath, and stepped onto my WestJet flight to Montréal. We unfortunately left a little late, and as the tailwinds weren’t as strong as they usually are, the flight was about 30 minutes longer than usual – we got in at 12:30am or so.
After a hectic and confusing trip to the hotel, partly due to the map pictured above (notice the year), Read more…