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My Heart, When I Behold

01/02/2010 1 comment

Every time I see a city at night, I look at the lights over the city, and I think it’s such a pity.

When I see a city, this is what I think. And I can’t help but wonder:

What did this place look like before us? And how can we achieve a happy union between that which was and what is now?

Please take the time to watch the video – it’s long, but it’s worth it.



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Sunrise Over Montréal

18/09/2009 1 comment

‘Nuff said. Sunrise + good company = all is right in the world.

We were up all night – I went to bed at 8AM and then was up at 1130 or so to go to Marché Jean-Talon, a farmer’s market by one of the large east-west roads in Montréal. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so many free samples in my life! My culinary creativity definitely felt stimulated, but on a student’s schedule I didn’t think that I’d have the time to cook much of anything I bought. That, and I was going to go sit in a park and eat with my floor afterwards, so any meat might have been at risk. Trop domage! Next time though 😉