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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

08/06/2010 Leave a comment

Lately, I’ve been enjoying:

Burundi Kibingo (49th) – syrupy body, sweet acidity, kiwi and strawberries.

Kenya Gakuyuini (Four Barrel) – slightly unripe peach, and this weird experience where the flavour creeps up the back of your throat. We call it the “wasabi experience”.

Ethiopia Sidamo Nekisse Micro Selection (49th) – OH MY GOD THIS COFFEE IS AMAZING! Raspberries in a cup, no joke. Come down to cafca and try some!

Peru Pangoa Micro Lot (Saltspring Island Coffee Co.) – surprisingly good. Melon and cherry sweetness, dark chocolate finish.

I’ll write some more after the jitters fade.




Honey, I’m Hooome!

10/05/2010 Leave a comment

I’ve been back since last Sunday, and man is it ever good to be back! I love Montréal to bits, but something about Vancouver just makes it home.

You can catch me in the upcoming weeks at CAFCA (140 East Esplanade) – my next shift is Tuesday morning, bright and early! 49th has changed their Organic Espresso lately as it’s a new harvest season, and while I’m not the biggest fan, it’s a welcome change as I was getting tired of the old blend. Hopefully as time goes on they’ll be able to fine-tune the roast to perfection.



Coffee problem solved!

29/09/2009 Leave a comment

Before the trip to Café Myriade:
Photo 6

And after:
Photo 2

Delicious 🙂



Two Lasts

15/08/2009 3 comments


I experienced two lasts today: my last shift at cafca *tear tear tear*, and the last shot of Sammy Piccolo’s WBC 2009 Blend.

First, the cafca shift – it was pretty slow, especially for a friday. Read more…