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Revolver Brew Bar

07/09/2011 Leave a comment

BAM! Please welcome the latest addition to Vancouver’s coffee scene. Revolver Brew Bar, located at 325 Cambie, is brought to you by the awesome family of Greeks that brought you Crema.

Now serving: Phil & Sebastien, Ritual, and Coava.

Brewed on: At the far end of the bar, a classy black-and-chrome Mirage and three Roburs. A Malkhonig Guatemala grinds for Coava Kones, Clevers, French presses, siphons, Aeropresses, and V60s. “Revolver” is a little too conservative – “Armoury” might be more appropriate. That tremor you feel in the floor comes from the second-wave shops in the area quaking in fear.

I told Chris to give me whatever’s good and ended up with a Kone-brewed Kenya and the coffee cake (yeah, I know, not paleo). Surprisingly good combination – the tart blackberries in the Kenya tango with the sweet raspberries in the coffee cake, and the cake’s sweet lemon glaze really sets off the smoky nutmeg finish on the Kenya.

This place reeks of chic-ness. Wow, just wow. From the nail map of the world on the wall (literally made of nails) to the perfectly-proportioned combination of relic-ed and shining new, everything just works. Makes me feel like my wardrobe needs an upgrade.



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Last Days

21/08/2010 Leave a comment

So tomorrow (Sunday) is my last shift at cafca. Pop by, tell my how much you’ll miss me, and I might be tempted to give you something free. I’m on from 8 till 2.


Home is Where the Heart Is

25/04/2010 Leave a comment

Well I guess this is it, Gardner. Less than one week left – my lease ends on Friday at noon. It’s been a fun ride. Always remember that Gardner creed: “It’s Better on Top”.

One exam left, and then I fly home on Sunday.

The upside of leaving Gardner is that I get to go home to Vancouver. I was talking to a friend of mine who is also from Van today at brunch and we both agreed that this year has made us realize that Vancouver, and BC in general, is home. Montréal is great and I really do love it, but the mountains, forests, and trees that I’ve become so accustomed to are sorely missing. I’m definitely a BCian.

West Coast for life, yo!




07/12/2009 Leave a comment

Hey guys! I know I’ve been a little long posting this, but I had papers and imminent exams.

So anyways…on the 24th of November, Gardner Hall had an awesome, sick, rad-tastic coffeehouse!
Basically, a coffeehouse is essentially a talent show with coffee. But, being Gardner, we had to go further than *just* coffee Read more…

Happy Halloween!

01/11/2009 Leave a comment

Hey you guys! Hope your Halloween was a fun one, mine definitely was.


Brains, anyone?



PS – The end result of all the makeup:

Faites Les Sauter!

04/10/2009 1 comment

Hier soir, j’ai passé trois heures à cuisiner et parler français. Kevin, qui était né en Belgique et vient d’arriver de Barcelona, offre les leçons de cuisiner pour les gens qui veulent améliorer son français en même-temps. C’était fantastique! Avec mon voisin Jarad et mon nouvel ami Ramin, j’ai fait des crêpes délicieuses. Nutella + des bananes = mmmmm:)

For those of you who don’t do the whole French thing, last night I spent three hours cooking and speaking French. Kevin, born in Belgium and just arrived from Barcelona, is offering cooking lessons for people who want to lean to cook and improve their French at the same time. It was fantastic – I made crêpes with my neighbour Jarad and my new friend Rami. Delicious, delicious crêpes. The best part of the night was flipping them. We didn’t have a crêpe pan, so we had to “faites les sauter” – make them jump! It’s exactly what you think it is: a hard scooping motion that sends the crêpe flying into the air and flips it. Then you catch it in the pan, let it cook a little more, and eat it. (Okay, I lied. Eating them was the best part.)

For only $25 a session, it’s a great deal. Good food, good people, and good fun. Hopefully this will become a regular engagement!

Anyways, now it’s time to study….midterm tomorrow, 2 papers due Tuesday, and a Philosophy paper on Descartes due Friday! Yikes!



Sunrise Over Montréal

18/09/2009 1 comment

‘Nuff said. Sunrise + good company = all is right in the world.

We were up all night – I went to bed at 8AM and then was up at 1130 or so to go to Marché Jean-Talon, a farmer’s market by one of the large east-west roads in Montréal. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so many free samples in my life! My culinary creativity definitely felt stimulated, but on a student’s schedule I didn’t think that I’d have the time to cook much of anything I bought. That, and I was going to go sit in a park and eat with my floor afterwards, so any meat might have been at risk. Trop domage! Next time though 😉