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Coffee and the Enlightenment

25/11/2011 Leave a comment

An interesting article in the Vancouver Sun, which I can’t seem to find, linked the Enlightenment with coffee. (The Enlightenment was an 18th century movement based in France, led by noted philosophers such as Locke, Spinoza, and Voltaire. It called for the use of reason to reform society and knowledge)

Apparently, the standard “cuppa joe” in the mornings was a boozy one – until coffee was introduced to Europeans and became popular. People thereafter started their days chipper and alert, ready to pursue the kinds of intellectual conversation associated with the Enlightenment, as opposed to being tipsy and belligerant.

Coffee houses also played a large role in the Enlightenment as venues where the exchange of ideas could freely take place. Anybody, whether rich or poor, could sit, drink coffee, and discuss, so long as they could afford the small price of a cup.

Really makes you wonder at what café culture has evolved into, no?




Revolver Brew Bar

07/09/2011 Leave a comment

BAM! Please welcome the latest addition to Vancouver’s coffee scene. Revolver Brew Bar, located at 325 Cambie, is brought to you by the awesome family of Greeks that brought you Crema.

Now serving: Phil & Sebastien, Ritual, and Coava.

Brewed on: At the far end of the bar, a classy black-and-chrome Mirage and three Roburs. A Malkhonig Guatemala grinds for Coava Kones, Clevers, French presses, siphons, Aeropresses, and V60s. “Revolver” is a little too conservative – “Armoury” might be more appropriate. That tremor you feel in the floor comes from the second-wave shops in the area quaking in fear.

I told Chris to give me whatever’s good and ended up with a Kone-brewed Kenya and the coffee cake (yeah, I know, not paleo). Surprisingly good combination – the tart blackberries in the Kenya tango with the sweet raspberries in the coffee cake, and the cake’s sweet lemon glaze really sets off the smoky nutmeg finish on the Kenya.

This place reeks of chic-ness. Wow, just wow. From the nail map of the world on the wall (literally made of nails) to the perfectly-proportioned combination of relic-ed and shining new, everything just works. Makes me feel like my wardrobe needs an upgrade.



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Go Canucks!

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Official Canucks trad-cap. ‘Nuff said. Bring home the cup, boys!



Back in Van!

15/05/2011 Leave a comment

Flew back to Van the 1st of May and I’m glad to be home. I don’t think anybody who’s not from Vancouver could understand this, but I actually missed the rain! It’s just not the same in MTL.

Forgive me for the rambling of this post and the spaced-ness of it – I had my wisdom teeth out on Friday so I’m currently hopped up on painkillers. I think it’s remarkable that I’m actually able to string together coherent thoughts in this state. Speaking of that, I lost a game of Scrabble to my mother by 4 points last night! 326-322, with yours truly playing the part of Buzz Aldrin. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to put together a map of the third wave coffee industry in Vancouver for awhile and finally got around to it. If you think I’ve left anyone out, leave a comment or tweet me and I’ll add them. Special thanks to my friends over at CleanHotDry for some of the more obscure locations (Solder & Sons, Uva Wine Bar, etc.). You can find it here.,-123.099747&spn=0.111402,0.308647&output=embed
View Third Wave Vancouver in a larger map

Lots more to say but a little too drugged to say it, so I’ll leave that for next time.



Skull and cross-….portafilters?

13/11/2010 Leave a comment

Best. Poster. Ever.



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Bridgehead Café – 282 Elgin St., Ottawa

30/08/2010 Leave a comment

So here’s a review I wrote waayyy back when I was visiting Ottawa to see a friend and perform at an improv summit. Good times all around, and especially at Bridgehead!

The café itself felt chainy and a touch corporate – mind you, there are 11 Bridgeheads located throughout Ottawa, so that is easily forgiven. The decor was slightly reminiscent of Starbucks…only way better and less cluttered. Also, no stands set up throughout the store trying to sell you useless coffee gadgets or awful coffee. I loved that part! Lots of windows, brightly it, a full display fridge, good baristi, and free wireless. I’m a fan. Read more…


12/08/2010 3 comments

# of Starbucks cups found in the trash nearest the door at close: 2.



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