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Paleo – The Way to Go. IMHO.

paleo- : combining form. Older or ancient, esp. relating to the geological past : Paleolithic | paleomagnetism.
ORIGIN from Greek palaios ‘ancient.’

The way I’ve been eating for approximately the last three months is called the paleo diet, or the Primal Blueprint (Sisson, see below), or the hunter-gatherer diet, or the Stone Age diet, or a multitude of other names.

It’s based on two ideas: a) over the course of more than 2 million years of eating a diet solely consisting of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and all parts of animals of all kinds, the human digestive system genetically evolved to process these food groups in an optimal fashion, and b) the “neolithic” foods, such as grains, legumes, added sugar, etc. have only been around since the Agricultural Revolution at the earliest – 10,000 years ago – and thus our digestive systems are not evolved to deal with these food groups.

In short, many foods that now make up much of the standard Western/North American diet are actually poisonous to us. These being added sugars, grains, and legumes, chiefly. (We’re also eating far too many omega-6 fatty acids and far too few omega-3s. This means a pro-inflammatory response from our bodies, amongst other things)

There is some debate over dairy, and the exact amount of saturated fats we should be eating, but the general consensus is dairy is okay if you tolerate it and your body will guide you to the correct amount of saturated fats.

There are oodles of sites, google paleo diet and you’ll find lots. Here is a brief list of my faves:


Want to try it? Here are three basic resources:

The Primal Blueprint – Mark Sisson
The Paleo Solution – Robb Wolf
The Paleo Diet – Loren Cordain
Why We Get Fat – Gary Taubes
Good Calories, Bad Calories – Gary Taubes (heavy and thick but worthwhile)

(Some) Original Research:

My favourite of all these resources is, by far, the Primal Blueprint. It’s reasonable and holistic, covering everything from sleep to diet to exercise.

I’ve been paleo/Primal for nearly 3 months now, having transitioned from an already very healthy diet and exercise regime in mid-November. I’ve lost weight and put on lean muscle (I’m a hockey player who was already training 4x a week, so seeing these changes in this timeframe is remarkable), have more energy, less hunger pangs, sleep better, and I don’t miss grains at all.

Try it for 30 days. I guarantee you won’t go back 🙂




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