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Global Warming – Humanity’s IQ Test?

03/12/2010 Leave a comment

I was walking back from Indigo with a copy of Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint in my backpack (really good so far, some very interesting stuff) and a thought I had struck me:

Global warming indicates that humanity is both the smartest and the stupidest creature on the face of the planet.

Why does it show our intelligence?

Well, quite simply, humanity’s greatest natural asset is our brain. We are physically weak, frail, and until basic tools came along, quite defenseless against any other animal bigger than us. The thing that has propelled us to the place we now occupy at the top of the food chain is our brain. When you really look at it, humans are amazingly intelligent. This intelligence lead us to tools and then to machines, and from there to electricity and computers and all the trappings of modern life.

The fact that I can change the temperature of my surroundings by walking over to a wall and turning a plastic dial is amazing. The fact that humanity is changing the temperature of the entire planet is also amazing – along with being very scary.

Global warming threatens more than just a few species of animals. It threatens billions of human lives and possibly the survival of the human race.

Which brings me to my second point. How does global warming prove we are the stupidest creature on the planet?

Look at the matter from a Darwinian point of view, for a second. Animals (us too!) are born to pass on their genes; in order to do so they must survive until they have reproduced; therefore we have powerful instincts of self-preservation. Nothing likes to die.

Despite the possible extinction of humanity, we continue to sit on our asses and do jack shit about the most serious crisis that Earth (forget humanity) has ever faced.

Our instinctive desire for self-preservation has been overcome by the desire to consume. And from an evolutionary point of view, that puts us right with the plants in terms of intelligence.

I think I speak for the entirety of my generation when I say that we do NOT want to be stuck cleaning up an environmental disaster left to us by the ones who came before us, like a bunch of bad houseguests.

So – politicians, industrial magnates, business leaders, and the rest of the crowd older than us, this one goes out to you:


Because at the rate we’re going, we won’t be around for much longer. And that is the inconvenient truth.