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Israeli Cabinet Approves Loyalty Oath

In short:

Israel’s cabinet has just adopted a bill that would require all citizens to swear loyalty to the “democratic and Jewish” character of Israel if passed into law. A simple majority in the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) is all that would be required. From there, it would move to the Israeli Supreme Court, which would determine whether the bill agrees with Israel’s basic laws. Read the article for yourself.

Imagine, if you will, that this bill was being proposed in Iran, and all Iranian citizens would have to swear loyalty to Iran as a “democratic and Islamic” state.

What would be the reaction of the international media and the UN, I wonder? It’s relatively easy to guess: the bill would be derided as totalitarian, racist, zealotry, bigoted, etc. The US would threaten to impose more sanctions and there would be a host of “expert” opinions and analyses written about the distinctly undemocratic character of this bill, in contrast to the word “democratic” in the oath.

Have we seen this reaction in the media and international system? Nope.

The Arab countries are making noise, certainly, as is the media of the international left. The US and the American media has been silent on this for days. How long would it take for the US to denounce a similar Iranian bill? Hours, probably.

Why is Israel being treated differently from every other nation in the world? Now that is a long and very interesting question.



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