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Bridgehead Café – 282 Elgin St., Ottawa

So here’s a review I wrote waayyy back when I was visiting Ottawa to see a friend and perform at an improv summit. Good times all around, and especially at Bridgehead!

The café itself felt chainy and a touch corporate – mind you, there are 11 Bridgeheads located throughout Ottawa, so that is easily forgiven. The decor was slightly reminiscent of Starbucks…only way better and less cluttered. Also, no stands set up throughout the store trying to sell you useless coffee gadgets or awful coffee. I loved that part! Lots of windows, brightly it, a full display fridge, good baristi, and free wireless. I’m a fan.

I ordered a press, an espresso, and a Moroccan chicken sandwich. The sandwich was a little skimpy on the meat and was slightly heavy on the bread, but still delish! I love spicy, flavourful food, and this sandwich delivered. They have great recycling practices and they even compost. One more point for Bridgehead.

The espresso had a sweet, cinnamon-y aroma, with a touch of lemon sugar. Thick crema and lots of flecking – all good signs. The first hit contained a pleasant acidity with some lemongrass notes. From the lemongrass, I’m guessing there’s some Brazil in there somewhere. In the mid-taste there was a hint of underextraction, but not really unpleasant. The aftertaste was full of lemon and butter; very sweet. The espresso had a thick, almost chewy body to it. The blend has probably changed significantly since my visit, so this may not be current.

The press I ordered was a Papua New Guinea. It had an earthy, spicy aroma that morphed into a berry-spice aroma when cooler. The front-taste was very earthy while hot, followed by spice and wood notes, and then finished with lots of cocoa; almost like a very dark chocolate. When cooler, the aroma, like I already mentioned, was more toward berry than earth, with plenty of spice. The front-taste was berryish and slightly sweet, the mid-taste was like spice in the woods, and the aftertaste was all berry and cocoa. Medium body.

Bridgehead’s coffee is roasted by Café Mystique in Montréal. Sevan, the owner of CM, does a very good job – these two coffees were no exception. Delicious, both of them.

Bridgehead uses 3-group Synessos, with a Mazzer Major on caf and an Anfim Milano on decaf – some high-quality gear! Their brewed coffee setup is Bunn brewers into vacpots – pretty standard café fare. I didn’t try the drip, so no idea how it was.

Overall, great shop, definitely worth a return visit. If only I could have gone to all 11 of them….



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