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Last Day Away…

For the past two weeks I’ve been instructing at Gold In the Net, an ice hockey goaltending school. The first week was in Summerland, and now I’m in Abbotsford. It’s been a lot of fun, and all the people I’ve worked with have been awesome. We’ve got a crazy Finnish ex-sniper, a grizzly bear sporting a handlebar moustache, a gamer, a surfer bum, a recently declared nudist, and me. What a mix, eh?

People always say that working with kids tires you out big time, and I never understood this till now. The first week I had 10-13 year olds, and this week I’ve dealt with the full mix, from 7 all the way on up to 16…. It’s almost lunchtime on the last day and I’m exhausted. Sheesh. It didn’t help that the AC didn’t affect my half of the hotel room at all, making it impossible to sleep. I think that probably contributed.

Anyway, the last ice today ends at 2:45, then we pack up and make like a tree. I can’t wait to get home!



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