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Words from Waterfront Park

On my way to my (failed) attempt to find the Mile-Long Jam on Main Street, I sat in Waterfront Park for a little while. These are parts of the result.

It amazes me how transparent a leaf is, held up to the sunlight.

And I wonder – how transparent is a human, held to the same light?

Could I see their heart? Their soul?


With a grin I watch a father and son on the playground. Little does the father know – he is the biggest kid of all.


I flick an ant from my knee and contemplate the time when the universe will do the same for me.




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  1. Ellie Thompson
    25/07/2010 at 5:03 pm

    that was very powerful. definitely brightened up my day. do you think you could write some more? thank you, ellie

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