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It’s a Small World

I was at the caf by my rez today, getting a croissant, and this girl came up to me and said “Hey, I’m in your econ class, and I found your blog the other day and thought that I recognized you from somewhere. I was looking for Wacky Wednesday information.”

Introductions followed and turns out that her name was Aviva! I read Freakonomics a while back and they predicted that Aviva and Akiva (the male version) would be two names that would become popular in the near future….I saw the name Aviva and instantly thought BINGO! That’s what I’d name my daughter! Funny coincidence eh?

Definitely one of the cooler experiences I’ve had…I’m glad people are actually finding this bizarre collection of ramblings. I wonder if Aviva’s reading this?

She closed with “And I might have read a little bit of it….”

Glad to hear it.



  1. Aviva
    16/03/2010 at 12:32 am

    haha was wating time on the internet and wondered if you ever did post it!
    And nice haircut!
    see you in econ!

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