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On Spirituality

31/01/2010 2 comments

I think I’ve finally figured (some of) this out… Read more…


A New Perspective on the Buddha

27/01/2010 Leave a comment

I first found out about Noah’s books after a friend recommended his autobiography to me.

Entitled Dharma Punx, it tells the story of a troubled youth growing up during the heydays of punk. Moving from city to city, his parents split, Noah turne to drugs and punk rock to vent his anger – the classic “rebellious teenager” stereotype.

Eventually the drugs took over and the punk stopped Read more…

I’m Back!

20/01/2010 Leave a comment

Well, the break is over and I’m back in Montréal (have been since the 2nd, if fact). Settling back into classes has been tough as, counting exams and reading week along with the break, I’ve been out of school for over 5 weeks. Getting up in the morning is starting to get a little easier; doing readings decidedly isn’t. Speaking of that, my copy of “A Brief History of Chinese Civilization” is calling to me…



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