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Café Veritas

A while back I took a trip out to Café Veritas, a shop on St. Laurent close to Vieux-Port. I had heard (among other things) that it a) has a Synesso, and b) has the best espresso in Montréal. Needless to say, being a coffee geek and having been brought up on a Synesso, I had to go.
Veritas does indeed have a Synesso – I chatted with the owner for a bit and it turns out that he’s the only one on the entire island with one. Maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised; Montréal’s coffee scene isn’t that big. I’d say the reason there are so many in Vancouver is the sheer number of good cafés.
The shop itself is bigger than the average café (even bigger than cafca, probably). Near the front door there’s a sitting small area with a few tables and chairs, and then up a few stairs is a much larger area with lots of tables and chairs, a sofa, and a high bar, along with seats at the counter. The walls are mostly white, and the sofa and chairs are brightly coloured. There are also two flatscreen TVs; when I was there they were looping a movie of leaves falling from trees.
100_1163 100_1164
Veritas is more of a restaurant than a café, which is why it has so much floorspace (and partly why it has a liquor license!); coffee is more of a sideshow than a main event. They run 49th Parallel coffee exclusively, and were running the Epic blend while I was there.
I didn’t try any of the food while I was there, but I did have a couple shots – neither were very good. Epic seems to be a popular blend here and I’ve had plenty of it in Vancouver, so I know it isn’t that bad.
The shots were extremely salty and I couldn’t taste anything underneath that. I didn’t finish either of them. There was some spraying going on (they use naked portafilters) during both shots, and the crema was pretty thin – never a good indication. While this isn’t to say that their espresso is consistently bad as I’ve only been there once, but I don’t think I’ll be returning too often; it’s too far to go for coffee that I know I may not enjoy.

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