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Hey guys! I know I’ve been a little long posting this, but I had papers and imminent exams.

So anyways…on the 24th of November, Gardner Hall had an awesome, sick, rad-tastic coffeehouse!
Basically, a coffeehouse is essentially a talent show with coffee. But, being Gardner, we had to go further than *just* coffee… So, I talked to Sevan Istanboulian, the owner of Café Mystique, a roastery in Montréal, and he (very generously) set us up with  – GET THIS: An espresso setup!! That’s a machine, a grinder, and coffee! He also gave us coffee for French Press and loaned us 4 presses for the evening! Bottom line: he’s awesome, a really cool and colourful guy, and you should try his coffee because it’s flippin’ FANTASTIC!

(The lovely lady standing beside me is Stef, fellow barista and VP Internal)

All in all, it was an amazing evening. We had everything from acting, to music, to the McGill Improv Team (!!), to stand-up! Here’s some more shots:
The one on the left is none other than the (in)famous Tyler Lawson, president of Gardner Hall!

(That would be me. Still not sure how I sounded.)

The coffee was by donation – all proceeds went to Old Mission Brewery, a food kitchen for those in need. Thanks for helping out Gardner!

And that was coffeehouse! All in all, it was a massive success. Gardner continues to show that it has the spirit! Great job to everyone who came out.

In closing, I’d just like to thank some special people:

  • Sevan Istanboulian of Café Mystique for the coffee
  • Moog Audio for the sound system
  • and Cheri Hessami for the photography! So far, Cheri’s become the de facto photographer of Gardner Hall events. She’s doing a brilliant job to say the least. There’s also a video coming that’s to be compiled from the footage from Coffeehouse. It’s still in edits, but stay patient 🙂



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