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Spraining News

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Unfortunately enough, it seems my wrist was enough to cut me from the hockey team – not that they really had a choice as they could hardly evaluate me if I wasn’t able to do all the drills. For example, I couldn’t shoot the puck at all (forehand or backhand). I also aggravated the injury a third of the way through Wednesday night’s ice session covering the rebound after a rather nice (I thought) save on a breakaway during a drill, so I wasn’t able to finish the session. Stef, the goaltender coach, let me know I was cut after that session.

As for the tryouts themselves, I thought they went pretty well, despite the fact that I wasn’t 100% healthy. I didn’t feel outpaced or that I was in over my helmet, so to speak. My glove hand was much slower than normal because I couldn’t “snap” it around as I normally can, even with my wrist taped.

One thing that was a little unusual was the crease on the rink – I was always in farther than I normally am and I couldn’t figure out why. I think the crease here is painted bigger than the ones in North Van; it must include the blue rim as well.

Two things I need to work on were pointed out to me by Stef: aggression/top shelf coverage and glove positioning. I knew about the first one already (as seen above). Throughout the 3 hours I did get on ice, I was constantly trying to set my depth, only to find myself too deep. I was giving away a lot of room up top that I didn’t have to, and, as I haven’t quite finished integrating the forward motion trick from Gold In The Net into my style, that room stayed there. Being farther out is fine for me because while I’m not big, I’m pretty fast. I will definitely be focusing on this a lot.

Second, the glove positioning. Somewhere along the line I developed a very unusual glove position. Most goalies hold their gloves with their thumb pointing up, while I hold mine with my fingers pointing up. This positioning does give up some room, but I had thought it wasn’t significant. I’ve never had someone point it out to me before, nor do players snipe me on that side any more than with any other goalie. I also find that positioning to be more comfortable than the other one. However, when someone like the goaltender coach for the varsity team you want to play for points something like that out to you, you do it. I’ll also be focusing on this.

The moral of the story? Train even harder during the summer so I don’t have to push my limits so much while backpedaling at the fitness tests. Pretty simple math, really: Injury during tryouts = not making the team.

After getting cut, I managed to further aggravate my wrist opening a door. Ridiculous, yes. I wasn’t wearing my elastic bandage as I’d been cooking and I tried to open the door to my wing at rez. The door handle sticks, so I pushed harder and when the door did open, my wrist bent back and BAM. Instant pain. I don’t like that door very much. Hence, you will not see me without a bandage on very often until this stupid thing is healed.

Interestingly enough, I did some research and apparently there is a difference between sprain and strain!

sprain: Injury to a ligament. Graded I – III. Grade I is minor, II is major, and III is completely torn.

strain: Injury to a muscle. Same grading.

(info: http://www.hughston.com/hha/a.strain-sprain.htm)

From that page, I’m guessing I have a Grade II sprain. Damn. Time to see the physios.

After I heal up, I’ll be jumping back into training again. Hopefully I’ll be playing intramural A or B, so I’ll have some competitive hockey to keep me fresh.

Training for next year starts right now – they’re going to be blown away.



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