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I Need Some Ligaments!

Fitness testing was alright. I was never last, but I know I should have done better on everything. There were six stations: sit-and-reach, height and weight, bench press, triple jump, 30-yard dash, and a T-shuffle. Afterwards we went outside for a 3K run.

Sit-and-reach is exactly what it sounds like – you sit with your legs straight in front of you and reach as far past your toes as you can. I think mine was 48cm or so…not bad, but not exceptional. I should have done more yoga, I guess!

Height and weight is pretty obvious (fyi I weighed in at 158lbs, 5’8″ or so. I lost 12lbs over the summer – yikes!), so I’ll move to the next one.  The weight for the bench test was only 150lbs, which I found surprising. I had thought it would be closer to 200lbs or even 225lbs. Luckily enough for me it wasn’t; I only got out 8 reps. As a general rule, I don’t do bench press because pushup variants are much more useful in terms of practical strength, activation of muscle groups, coordination, etc. (I do mine with my feet on a Swiss ball and/or my hands on a balance board) but I think I may need to start. Dumbbells are always better than dumber-bells (barbells), so I’ll try that sometime.

Triple jump: take three leaps in a row (no stopping) and record the distance travelled. For a goalie, I was nowhere near where I want and need to be. Easily my worst test.

30-yard dash: exactly what it sounds like. I have no idea what my time was/how it measured up. I still could have done better though.

T-shuffle: start on a mat, sprint ~10 yards forward, shuffle to the right 5yds and t0uch a cone, shuffle to the left 5yds past the centre, touch the cone with the same hand, shuffle back to the centre, touch the cone with the same hand, backpedal to the starting mat. The mat itself starts and stops the timer, and there are no crossovers allowed. The first attempt, I crossed over, so that run didn’t count.

The second time, I forgot to touch the cone in the middle before backpedaling, so I had to go back to the cone and then backpedal again. Needless to say, that was slow. The third time (the test is done twice, not counting the tries that are disqualified) went well until the backpedaling. I was really gunning it and as soon as my foot touched the mat I fell backwards. I pulled off an acrobatic back somersault but sprained my wrist in the process – at the time it felt like it could have been broken.

Despite the wrist, I suffered through the 3K run, finishing with 12:20. Not my best, but not the worst of the group.

As soon as the fitness testing was done and I had ascertained from coach that the McGill Sports Medicine Clinic was closed and none of the team physios were around, I hightailed it back to my room for some ice and compression. After a couple phone conversations with my dad I went to the hospital just down the road for some X-rays.

After three hours spent in and on various rooms, uncomfortable chairs, and various forms, I got the verdict: no broken bones! Yay! The past couple of days I’ve been icing a lot and using a tensor bandage, and it’s gotten a lot better. I’m going to see Pierre-Luc, the lead team physio, before icetime tonight and get taped up…after that it should be good! Wish me luck.



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