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I Left on a Jet Plane

On Thursday at 4:30 I said “au revoir” to Vancouver, took a deep breath, and stepped onto my WestJet flight to Montréal. We unfortunately left a little late, and as the tailwinds weren’t as strong as they usually are, the flight was about 30 minutes longer than usual – we got in at 12:30am or so.
After a hectic and confusing trip to the hotel, partly due to the map pictured above (notice the year),we finally arrived at our destination. A cot and a fitful night later, it was time to start the hectic process of getting my room in Gardner hall ready. Sheets, cooking gear, school supplies…I had no idea the list would be so long! Another problem was finding good coffee – there was none to be found until I toured Café Mystique and was afforded the opportunity to sit in on the judges’ training there. Two days after that was the Eastern Canada Regional Barista Championship – lots of good coffee there! Lately I’ve been drinking Café Mystique’s Sidamo SO – great as espresso or French Press….the current bag is a little sour so far, but still very awesome. Good job Sevan!

A lot of shopping later, I finally moved into my room – it’s still in disarray but I’ll put some pictures up soon. I’ve met lots of awesome people and I’m looking forward to an awesome year. So far the only class I dislike is Political Science 211 – Intro. to Comparative Politics. The professor’s been on sabbatical for a year so he probably just needs to get back into the rhythm. For those of you who don’t know, my plan is a PoliSci/Economics double major – sounds like fun, no?

Hockey fitness testing is tomorrow (I’m trying out for the varsity team, the McGill Redmen), that will be very interesting and possibly quite painful. I’ll let you all know how that goes once I recover.



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