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Hello, big bad intraweb. Nice to meet you.

As for the rest of you, welcome to the inaugural posting on The Musings of a Gingerkid (aka muag)! I suppose I should introduce myself…my name is Tim and I was born and raised in North Vancouver, B.C.

I’m a half-Aussie, quarter-Brit (the remainder is Canadian) that loves coffee, politics, music, laughter, people, and life in general. I graduated this year from Handsworth Secondary and I’ll be off to McGill (Montréal) in the fall. My lofty goals for my time there in my first year include: varsity hockey (the McGill Redmen) ,and a job at one of the premier cafés in Montréal, Café Myriade. Of course, if I do end up playing varsity hockey then I will very likely not have time for a job, but I hope to be able to put in a few shifts there at some point.

As I mentioned above, I have an ongoing love affair with coffee – we go back a ways. I first was interested in coffee by one of my friends, Chris. His parents own Crema in West Vancouver (if you know the café, a gold star for you! If you don’t, you should go) and we slowly developed our interests in coffee together. He moved much faster than I and in terms of technical skill, he’s far far better – one of the best pourers in Canada, actually. On a knowledge basis, we’re about even.

To further my coffee love and “cut my teeth”, so to speak, on a commercial machine, I applied at Café for Contemporary Art in late April (You know the place? Another gold star! If not, another café to go see.). After talking to the owner, Tyler, a really awesome guy, I got a job there and started in mid-late May. Unfortunately for me, Mike Yung, the barista trainer at cafca, was in Toronto when I started and while he came back for a few days, our schedules didn’t work so I never met him. Other than a couple hours with Matt, the owner of Manic Café in Toronto, I’ve never had any training. By that point, however, I had learned a lot on my own, so I started working bar in mid-June. Since then, I’ve learned to love Clover/French press/Syphon coffee as well and my espresso-fu is only getting better. My latté art, while not bad, still needs work.

There’s lot of other stuff I’m into – sports (ice hockey, specifically – but you know that already), the outdoors, reading, and the arts – I can’t dance (or draw) to save my life but I love music, theatre, and improv. I am/was a huge drama student (still figuring out the tense I should use for that) at Handsworth and I am proud to call myself a dramie.



LOL – vintage acronym – Lots of Love. Not to be confused with “lol”, which is teenspeak and means “laugh out loud”.

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